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AllThatCare inspire Partners write different kinds of content, including reviews, photos, SNS link, direct messages, and more. It??셲 easy, but just in case, we??셶e put together these general guidelines. Please read the guidelines below for specific types of content that you might contribute to the site.

Inappropriate content: Colorful language and imagery is fine, but there's no need for threats, harassment, hate speech, and other rumors not proven.

Healthcare objective: Your writes should be professional and healthcare objective.

Promotional content: Let's keep the site useful for Clients and not overrun with commercial noise from every Clients.

Privacy: Don??셳 publicize Client??셲 private information (follow the HIPAA guideline). Please don??셳 post close-up photos or videos of other patrons without their permission.

Intellectual property: Don??셳 swipe content from other sites or users. If you want to introduce other??셲 info, paper and/or publications, please tag the source with that together.

Profile Photo: Your photo is very important, and the format should be one of gif, jpg, png and bmp. It??셲 generic industry standard, is it? The size would be under 3mega bits. Black and white? It doesn??셳 matter.

Describe yourself: Basically, Clients really want to know you and trust. Tell them your story who you are and what is Client experiences. Not enough space for your great story? Use our blog. AllThatCare intelligently match your story and Clients??? needs.

Personal Website, Facebook: You may have social network giant subscription. How do you use that? AllThatCare profile is best aggregation for your personal or organization social network.

Education, Licenses, and Certification: Your education and licenses are another strong way to build trustworthy with Clients. Your power comes from your responsibility and dedication on your education and certification history. Don??셳 be shy.


Service Photo: Your photo is very important, and the format should be one of gif, jpg, png and bmp. It??셲 generic industry standard, as like your profile photo. The size would be under 3mega bits.

Contents: A lot of people will benefit from your services. Your service shall be categorized by Symptom Search and be shown to Clients. They have a lot of questions on your services and you can answer for their question over built in messenger. No limitations on this service description. But, remember keep the tone civil and non-argumentative. Yeah, you can just select maximum 3 symptom categories for one service. Here is a tip to leap that hurdle. No limitation on service creation in the name of you. You can make multiple service s for your own in different categories. You are always being selected by Clients??? specific requirement. About 100 words description is good fit for the view, although no limitation is in here. Regarding word, easy and symptom basis word shall be good for Clients??? understanding and exposure.

Professions: These are major categories that focused by AllThatCare. Select one from it.

Specialties: You shall meet huge symptom tiles. Because these are used by Symptom Search, you must select it cautiously. If you cannot find right one for your service, what about ??쁤eneral counseling????

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