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Nara Weight Loss Clinic

Dr. Jin was an one of founder Nara Weight loss program in 1996. She got Ph.D degree from studying for causes of Obese. She published numerous article about weight loss with Asian Medicine and Korea Times #1 best seller "how to lose weight with Asian medicine for those who gain weight even with drinking water". She also participated to develop Weight Loss Qi exercise and published Qi exercise video tape in 2000. Nara weight loss treatment has a lot of benefits. First of all, to find causes of Obese and get diagnosis with personal constitution, second, to change diet and daily habit, and know about individual good food and exercise. Last step is for treatment at Clinic. Treatments are included electro-acupuncture for helping fat burn, ear acupuncture for reducing appetite, herbs for curing causes of Obese and etc. After finish treatment, Dr. jin follow up the patients future for 3 month for free. Patients are all healthy and get younger and they know how to manage their weight and diet.


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Senghee Jin

Dr. Jin studied and completed her Ph.D degree in Asian Medicine in Kyunghee University in South Korea. She has been practicing since 1994 in Korea and since 2003 in U.S.A. She is well pioneer in Asian Medicine especially in the fields of Sports medicine, obesity, anti-aging, UnGi-medicine and Gynecology. She was a sports medical doctor for professional volleyball team, tennis, basketball team, golfers, San Diego Chargers team and figure skating team in S. Korea and U.S.A. Also she was founder about Nara weight Loss program based on Asian Medicine. Dr. Jin has published numerous articles in leading medical journals and books in South korea and U.S.A. As a frequent guest speaker of programs on T.V, Dr. Jin has provided valuable health informations(Korea:KBS, MBC, SBS, EBS, KyungIn, etc. Japan: Nihon TV. U.S.A: Arirang).

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English, Korean, Chinese, Spanish


Kyunghee University


L.Ac, California acupuncture board

Doctor of Korea, Health department of South Korea


L.Ac, California Acupuncture board



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