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At Acupia, women??셲 health is addressed using natural, non-invasive methods of Korean medicine. Our goal is to restore holistic balance and stimulate self-healing mechanisms of the body using acupuncture, herbal medicine, lymphatic drainage technique, and heat therapy to address individual needs of each women. During pregnancy, a woman??셲 body undergoes tremendous amount of physiological and emotional changes. Acupia provides postpartum care to support mothers adjust after pregnancy. Conditions we treat are 1.Ovulation disorder PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) Hormonal imbalance Pituitary gland disorder 2.Uterus Related Problems Fibroids Endometriosis Adenomyosis 3.Ovarian Related Problems Ovarian cysts 4.Inflammation Vaginitis Pelvic inflammatory disorder Cervicitis 5.Menstruation Menstrual cramps Irregular menstrual cycles Irregular menstrual bleeding Premenstrual syndrome 6.Menopausal Perimenopausal syndrome Menopausal syndrome Osteoporosis


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Sonhae Cho

I am a licensed acupuncturist and an expert in the field of acupuncture and Korean medicine with over 30 years of research and practice in the field. I received B.S. and Ph.D degrees in Korean Medicine at Kyunghee University, the top research university for Korean Medicine in Seoul, South Korea. Following studies in South Korea, I have furthered my research globally. I was in charge of the pain clinic in Saudi Arabia??셲 royal hospital, Erfan & Bagedo General Hospital. I also researched in the molecular neurobiology lab in Mclean Hospital Harvard Medical School.

With my love for educating aspiring acupuncture students, I was a professor in Kyunghee University, where I lectured with the emphasis on the science of herbal medicine and the development of herbal drug products on neuronal disease such as Alzheimer??셲 and Parkinson??셲.

In 2006, I moved to the United States and became a licensed acupuncturist. Afterwards, I taught at Donguk University in Los Angeles as well, continuing my career in educating future acupuncturists. Recently, with this solid background in integrated medicine, I have served as the team physician for the Korean National Women??셲 Volleyball team, carefully preparing each athlete before the match to prevent and care for sports injuries and maximize each athlete??셲 performance.

Today, I focus on research and practice on using non-invasive methods to treat women??셲 health (infertility, pregnancy, postpartum support), ENT conditions (allergies, asthma, rhinitis), and skin issues (acne, eczema, psoriasis).


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Ph.D, Doctor of Korean Medicine, KyungHee University


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