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Acupuncture is first digital Complementary and Integrative Care service that matches Clients and near the best Partnered practitioners based on their unique symptoms and specific needs about health enhancement. Symptom Search(TM), clinically backed technology, intelligently suggests Partner's registered professions and services to Clients. Clients review the services, feedbacks, professions and directly communicate with Partner over secured network messenger and purchase services. Clients can get best experienced Partners in full stage of healthcare. Partners can save costs of Clients acquisition and retention with's enhanced technology then can grow business. Subscription, registration of profession & services, Promotion, Clients matching, secured communication messenger and featured dashboard are all free becoming a Partner.


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Jeffrey Chun

I am Jeffrey Chun, President of All That Care, Inc. From my cultural atmosphere on Traditional Medicine, I have been able to take control of my health for a lifetime in easily, economically and conveniently.

However I never noticed how much my case is rare in US until met my interesting experience. This changed whole my remain career. 3 years ago, after 11hrs flight to US as a global businessman, sudden low back pain attacked me. As usual in my hometown, I tried to find nearest Acupuncture clinics, but I failed to find them and then went to western medical clinic. 4 days treatment and medicine claimed me about thousand dollars. How in this world...Flying back, I come up with a great idea, that is All That Care.

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English, Korean


B.S, Computer Engineering

Master, SW Ubiquitous


LA Business License, LA City


0002942519-0001-2, City of LA



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Great !

19 March 2018

AllThatCare, Inc.

3580 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010, USA

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